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KeepUp@Sea Core is our “out of the box” client-server solution, delivered with a predefined set of applications and server settings. No customer specifics included.

The Core solution is the base of every customer, and is an operational environment, ready to be implemented on board. Shore staff can maintain a transparent overview of the operational status of the fleet with our unique Dashboard feature.

The KeepUp@Sea Core specifications are as listed below.

  1. Hardware support for HP Hardware
    1. KeepUp@Sea standard Vessel Server
    2. KeepUp@Sea standard Vessel Client
  2. Infrastructure setup
    1. One Vessel Server, running KeepUp@Sea standard OS
    2. Vessel Clients, running KeepUp@Sea standard OS
  3. Domain settings
    1. Default user roles (Master, Bridge, Cheng/Chiefeng, Choff/Chiefoff/Chiefmate,
      CCR, ECR, 2off, 2eng, Electrician, Steward/Cook)
    2. Default shares/drive letters (Home, Common, Client App repo, Server App repo)
    3. Default group policies
    4. Default settings for DHCP/DNS/etc.
  4. Network
    1. Default mask/GW/DHCP Scope
    2. Allow open ports
    3. Dedicated LAN
  5. Print Queues for HP Printers
    1. For two standard printers
  6. Scanner options:
    1. Scan to folder on Common share or
      scan to email
  7. Applications
    1. LibreOffice
    2. Backup@Sea
    3. KeepUp@Sea Antivirus (optional)
    4. KeepUp@Sea Inventory (optional)
    5. Seagull
    6. Misc. utilities
      1. 7-Zip
      2. Adobe Reader
      3. PDF printer
      4. Convert
      5. Teamviewer Host
    7. Misc. frameworks
      1. Adobe Flash
      2. Adobe Air
      3. Oracle Java
      4. Microsoft Silverlight
      5. Microsoft C runtime libraries
      6. Microsoft .Net
  8. Virtual Customer Lab (Vessel Server and Vessel Client hosted at Palantir)
  9. The Onshore Services
    1. Dashboard
    2. Application repository
    3. Customer data
    4. Server Production environment