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Stolt Tankers to deploy KeepUp@Sea

On March 1, 2015,

Stolt Tankers agrees with Palantir to implement KeepUp@Sea on its fleet of 85 deep sea and regional vessels. Stolt Tankers has appointed Palantir, the Norwegian provider of Vessel ICT services, as its solutions partner for the FITS Vessel IT Infrastructure project.

The agreement will aim for the best possible solutions in design, implementation and support of a common IT infrastructure for the fleet. The new system is built on the KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir, and will be delivered as a managed service.

“The KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir serves all the overall objectives for our project and will add value to our services on board our vessels. Palantir is our partner of choice because they provide a unique, comprehensive and proven solution, with many years of operational experience at major shipping companies,” states Peter Koenders, Chief Information Officer in Stolt-Nielsen Business Technologies.

Additional deliveries in the agreement include hardware, logistics, roll out and migration services on board the vessels. “Given the flexibility in the KeepUp@Sea solution, future upgrades and changes will be deployed from a single point onshore, again leading to reduced travel costs and improved efficiency for Stolt Tankers”, states Mr. Koenders.