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BW Maritime agrees with Palantir to implement KeepUp@Sea on its fleet

On January 27, 2009,

BW Maritime has appointed Palantir as its solutions partner for the BW Common Vessel IT Infrastructure project. The agreement will aim for the best possible solutions in design, implementation and support of a common IT infrastructure across all BW vessels. The new system will be built on the existing KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir, and for a period of time it will be delivered as a managed service from the company headquarters in Stord, Norway.

“We believe that the KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir would best meet the overall objectives for BW, which is to provide a reliable and secure IT network onboard our vessels. We have chosen Palantir because they provide a unique, comprehensive and proven solution, with many years of operational experience at major shipping companies,” said Geraldine Pang, General Manager Global IT, BW Maritime. “By utilizing Palantir’s extensive experience, we will be able to jumpstart the process, and quickly start seeing the benefits”.

Additional deliveries in the agreement include hardware, logistics, roll-out and migration services onboard the vessels. Following a pilot period, the global implementation across BW fleet will commence at the end of 2011.

Pang explained that providing a reliable and secure IT network onboard the BW vessels is crucial as it improves the welfare of seafarers. It also enables BW to deploy and operate standard solutions across its large fleet, whilst reducing IT support requirements.

She added: “Through the flexible KeepUp@Sea solution, it is possible for future upgrades and changes to be deployed from a single point onshore, reducing travel costs and improving efficiency”.

“This major deal is a statement of quality – both for our KeepUp@Sea solution and the skills of the people involved in supporting and developing the KeepUp@Sea solution. The core focus on standardization and automation of IT&C services proves to be an advantage towards achieving new, international customers,” states Arvid Dregelid, CEO of Palantir AS.