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Palantir awarded a 120+ vessel contract with Vroon

On January 25, 2009,

The deal is a result of a Vroon tendering process involving 25 international contenders. The Vroon tender aimed for the best possible solution for designing, implementing and supporting the new Vroon Vessel IT Standard. Following a Letter of Intent, the final contract was signed early June. The new Vroon Vessel IT Standard will be built on the existing KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir, and delivered as a Managed Service from Palantir headquarters in Stord, Norway.

Additional deliveries in the agreement includes Hardware, Software, Logistics, Installation and migration services onboard the vessels. Following the upcoming Pilot installations in August, the global roll-out to the Vroon fleet will start this autumn.

– After an extensive tendering process, we have come to the conclusion that the KeepUp@Sea solution from Palantir would best meet our overall objective, which is to provide a reliable and secure IT network onboard of our vessels. We have chosen Palantir because they provide a unique, comprehensive and proven solution, with 8 years operational experience at major shipping companies. By utilizing Palantir’s extensive experience, we will be able to jumpstart the process and quickly start seeing the benefits. Providing a reliable and secure IT network onboard of our vessels is crucial as it improves the crew welfare, and enables us to deploy and operate standard solutions onboard of our large, diversified fleet, whilst at the same time reducing the IT support requirements. The KeepUp@Sea solution will also allow us to deploy all necessary upgrades and changes onboard of our vessels from a single onshore server, reducing the travel requirements to our worldwide fleet to an absolute minimum, states Rob Frenks, Group ICT Manager at Vroon.

– This major contract is a statement of quality – both for our KeepUp@Sea solution and the skills of the people involved in supporting and developing the KeepUp@Sea solution. The core focus on standardization and automation of IT&C services proves to be an advantage towards achieving new, international customers, states Arvid Dregelid, CEO of Palantir AS. With the Vroon fleet implemented, our KeepUp@Sea customer base represents approximately 500 vessels with 2500 users on board,